Scott Taylor Silent as the GOP Sabotages Our Health Care

As Virginia celebrated a bipartisan victory to extend Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, Republicans in Washington, DC continue to sabotage not just the Affordable Care Act and its popular provisions, but also the health and financial well-being of millions who receive health insurance. On Thursday, reports emerged that the Trump Department of Justice will no longer defend the ACA.

“Where is Congressman Scott Taylor when it comes to defending us and our health care?,” asked For Our Families spokeswoman Tory Brown. “In his Second Congressional district alone, there are 310,700 people under the age of 64 who have pre-existing conditions, including nearly 40,000 children who could be denied life-saving insurance thanks to sabotage by leaders in the Republican party. We can’t afford to go back to a time when our friends and loved ones were denied insurance coverage because they had once been pregnant, had asthma, or suffered from thousands of other chronic conditions.

It’s time for Congressman Scott Taylor to stand up for his constituents and push back against his party’s partisan efforts to take away protections enshrined in the Affordable Care Act. If Rep. Taylor doesn’t speak up now, we will be left to assume he is indifferent to the suffering and financial hardship we know that will follow the sabotage and abandonment of the ACA.”